GRPH 391

Digital Animation & Storytelling

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Course Description

Summed up in one sentence: This class is a happy collision of Illustration, Story Telling, Character Design, Animation, and Web Design.

Students will take the formal elements of design that they already know and apply them to the production of visual storytelling media that emotionally moves and installs empathy in their audiences. This will be done by developing highly immersive and cohesive ecosystems which connect characters, environments, motion, and storytelling with a digital delivery.

Students will be guided through the process of bringing their storyboard ideas to life by manipulating space, time, and sound. It is recommended that students will have rudimentary After Effects, Illustrator, and Web Design knowledge.


Weekly Assignments

These are on-going assignments that are due at the start of each week. We'll meet as a group and discuss before we plan our weekly agenda.

Semester Projects

Over the course of the semester, we'll complete three major projects. Each project will use the skills and knowledge learned from the last one.

Instructor Info

Jordan Lambrecht Headshot

Hi I'm Jordan. I hate writing bios and refuse to do so. It makes me uncomfy. Thx.

Office Hours

I have open office hours durring normal work hours: 9:00 to 17:00 Monday through Friday. Please be sure to shoot me an email/text before showing up to make sure I'm not in a meeting. Students are required to come to office hours a minimum of two times during the semester. Office hours are held at Pixel Bakery, which is located at 2124 Y st, Ste. 208, Lincoln, NE 68503.

Contact Info

Please don't use my UNL email. I don't even know how to check it. The best way to get ahold of me is either by emailing my work email, calling me, or texting me.